In stock, 100% copper, made in the USA 🇺🇸 All orders ship same business day!

Reduce the spread of germs

Keep yourself safe from germs

Protect yourself and loved ones by minimizing contact with high-touch, contaminated surfaces

The Copper Clean Key Tool creates a protective barrier between your hands and buttons, doors, or screens

Open doors, press buttons and screens

Thoughtfully designed, effectively open doors, press buttons, and sign touch screens

A New England Journal of Medicine study shows bacteria and viruses survive for significantly less time on copper

Easy carry, high-quality copper tool

Durable, yet portable, the Copper Clean Key Tool is easy to everyday carry on your keychain or in your pocket

100% beautiful, high-quality copper

People everywhere are raving about the copper clean key tool

This is my favorite! I ordered 7 different clean keys from various makers/suppliers. What can I say, I really like to try things out, compare them, and find what truly works best. Interestingly, it works better on screens others than others, the longer pointer means it's easier for pressing the button you mean to press on touchpads, the angled "arm" makes it easier to "grab" door handles. It's slightly lighter than most others but still really sturdy. If you're looking to get a "covid key" / door opener / touch tool, this is the one!

Kat from Georgia

Bought 2 clean key copper touch tools for husband and myself. Shipped very fast, recived within 4 days! Of course I'm sure it depends on where it will be shipped to, but they seem very reliable. The product is very well made and exactly as described. If you have researched similar item, most are not made here, nor are they made of copper. Now I feel confident ordering again and gifting and referring family and friends.

Deborah from California

Someday in 2050 a child will find one of these clean key touch tools in an attic in near perfect condition. This is absolutely a "buy it for life" product. Also it feels really nice in my hand.

Isla from Washington

My copper clean key touch tool no touch keychain arrived quickly and in good condition. It has been most useful for using on touch pads, and as a bonus, it is hefty and attractive.

Jean from Arizona

Got my copper tool no touch keychain today and I love it!!! Quick shipping and so excited to be able to use it in this new no touch world. Easy to hook right onto your keychain. And its pure copper... wow thumbs up for safety! Gotta get one now for my germophobe uncle!

Paula from California

My copper clean key no touch keychain arrived quickly. Beautiful copper and very well made! Just used it at the ATM, and it worked great - even on the glass! Highly recommend!

Kelly from California

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